Add a touch of class to your event with a solo pianist. Ideal to greet your guests as the enter, or as background music whilst they eat and drink. This pianist – Tom Gwyther – comes fully self contained, complete with electric grand piano (Pictured) and is a great and simple addition to your venue or event. If necessary, we can arrange for a real grand piano to be delivered to your venue, or you can provide your own. This fantastic pianist has many years experience in the professional music industry, playing in top hotels in the UK and abroad and is a great addition both audible ad visually to your eventTom can offer anything from quiet background cocktail piano to add a touch of class to the evening, to some of the classic jazz standards from the great American song book; through to up-beat soul, blues and contemporary tunes for later in the evening.   What ever your event, Tom Gwyther can make it a day or night to remember.